The Australasian journal Ecological Management & Restoration (EMR) is open to submission of short summaries (or groups of linked summaries) of 300-700 words on any interesting ecosystem rehabilitation or restoration project in Australia that is already showing good or promising results.

Formerly published in the print version of the journal, selected summaries are now published on the journal’s unique project summaries website so that this content is freely accessible to and more easily searchable for all interested readers.

Project summaries are not a peer reviewed manuscript type in EMR, but are checked for clarity and content by the project summaries editor. Final acceptance of project summaries is at the discretion of the editor. Visit the submissions page for further information on how to present and submit a summary.

Ecological Management & Restoration is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to promoting improved ecosystem management and restoration within the context of ecologically sustainable utilisation.

The Editorial Board seeks original contributions from both scientists and practitioners that focus on the management and restoration of plant and animal communities. Cross-disciplinary contributions that are highly relevant to improved management of ecosystems will also be considered. While the Journal focuses on Australasia, contributions from elsewhere will be considered if distinctly relevant to Australasia. For information on how to submit to the journal please visit Wiley Online Library.

Read the latest project summaries published in conjunction with the EMR Special Issue: Indigenous land and sea management in remote Australia.